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    “Oh, you’re straight? So is spaghetti until it gets hot. ;)”

    Are you suggesting we boil heterosexuals

    #the real gay agenda

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    based off this text post because its adorable

    look at how cute this is

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  4. Young Avengers #15

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  5. i’m home

    i’m home

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  6. oxboxer:

    "No homo" is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard come out of the mouth of a human. This is my second favorite way to reply - the first, bloody retribution.

    Like and comment on Tapastic!

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  7. marshmallowknight:

    at this point, “gay” is no longer a label for sexuality. it is a feel, nay, an all-encompassing term for every emotion possible. all non-cishets can experience this otherworldly and exquisite feel

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    Birds of a feather.

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    Oh my god I was comparing the censored and uncensored Picture of Dorian Gray again and in the uncensored version Lord Henry has 27 pictures of Dorian in his possession but they censored it to be 17. 27 whoa way too gay bring that down to a reasonable heterosexual number like 17 no homo! 

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    yes, but have u ever considered that hamlet and horatio are totally making out at the beginning of 1.4

    Marcellus walks in and they’re like ‘oh shit’ springing apart Hamlet clears his throat awkwardly and glances at how close he and Horatio are still standing 'The air bites shrewdly' he says and clears his throat again 'it is very cold.' Horatio smirks'It is a nipping and an eager air' he says with a significant glance at Hamlet’s mouth

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