1. fuck-yeah-feminist:


    i don’t want to be a part of a college system where plagiarism is a worse crime than rape

    It’s a frightening reality.

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  2. Male survivors charge that feminists see rape as a “man vs. woman” issue… The distinction is that while many women, and some men, are victimized by rape, all women are oppressed by it, and any victimization of women occurs in a context of oppression most men simply do not understand.
    For myself, I don’t need for rape to be gender neutral to feel validated as a male survivor. And I certainly don’t need to denigrate women, or to attack feminists, to explain why I was abused by the (male) police, ridiculed by my (male) friends, and marginalized by the (male dominated) society around me. It is precisely because we have been “reduced” to the status of women that other men find us so difficult to deal with. It was obvious to me at the police station that I was held in contempt because I was a victim- feminine, hence perceived as less masculine. Had I been an accused criminal, even a rapist, chances are I would have been treated with more respect, because I would have been seen as more of a man. To cross that line, to become victims of the violence which works to circumscribe the lives of women, marks us somehow as traitors to our gender. Being a male rape survivor means I no longer fit our culture’s neat but spacious definition of masculinity, as one empowered, one always in control. Rather than continue to deny our experience, male survivors need to challenge that definition.

    Fred Pelka, “A Male Survivor Breaks His Silence”, from On The Issues Magazine Spring 1992

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    Linked to the article above - y’all should be giving On The Issues credit for this fantastic article!

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  3. red3blog:

    * Men who don’t respect consent don’t have a special right to keep that private.

    * Men who threaten violence against women don’t have a special right to keep that private.

    * Men who disregard a woman’s sexual agency to objectify her don’t have a special right to keep that private.

    * Men who abuse women don’t have a special right to keep that private.

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    Chelsea Peretti

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  5. ms-demeanor:

    Starting a series. It’s not radical to expect your boundaries to be respected, or safety on the streets. It’s not radical to want a good, clear, standard for consent. It’s not radical to want to stop victim blaming. It’s not radical to want to destroy rape culture.

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  6. ethiopienne:

on today’s episode of me having feelings, a series of tweets about “anti-rape nail polish.”


    on today’s episode of me having feelings, a series of tweets about “anti-rape nail polish.”

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  7. coketalk:

    I am deeply angered by the fact that Emma Sulkowicz (who no longer has the privilege of anonymity) would be punished by Columbia University for publicly disclosing her rapist’s name more severely than her rapist was punished for actually raping her.

    We should all know his name. Not hers. Still, I am genuinely impressed with her performance piece, and I sincerely hope it proves effective.

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  8. micdotcom:

    This is a big win for anti-rape activists, many of whom have been touting the necessity of an “affirmative consent” standard for years. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has the next month to sign the bill into law. If he does, schools across the state would be required to define consent before engaging in sexual activity as an “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement” or risk losing state financial aid funding.

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  9. missvoltairine:

    what concerns me about Anita Sarkeesian et al is that there is so little, basically no room for women to be human in publicity-based industries like this.

    You bring up the harassment that Sarkeesian gets and people will say: “Well but I feel like she cherry-picks information and one time she used art that she didn’t have the rights to in a video” and it’s like…………….. that should be a completely separate issue from someone being driven out of their industry/job/home/etc by constant, scary misogynist harassment. 

    Like, I think it was sketchy that Anita Sarkeesian used artwork by some fan artist without getting the rights to it. You know what I think should happen? I think she should apologize and pay the artist. You know what leaves no room for her to do that? CONSTANT FUCKING DEATH AND RAPE THREATS. Go figure. 

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    We dare you to say we don’t live in a rape culture.

    Amazingly, not The Onion:

    “[W]e now have young men telling Bloomberg News that they basically view their female peers as rape bombs just waiting to explode and ruin their lives.”


    *flips table*

    I wish I could say I can’t believe men would say such dumb shit.

    Literally, go fuck yourselves. Bye.

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